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Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post Was having a bit of fun working on marketing after a great installation in Sheboygan. Pictures to follow, from the best buns in America. Eagle Tech “keeping an eye on your assets”. 920-764-2888
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Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post Only a couple of weeks away from ISC West in Las Vegas, always interesting to see what’s new.
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Why Grocery Stores Need Security Camera Systems :: business-security
Different types of Green Bay businesses can benefit from getting security camera systems. However, perhaps two of the places that can profit the most are...
Surveillance cameras are excellent for wildlife viewing.
Just having fun or getting on each other’s nerves?
Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post Which one? Left or right
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Security Camera Catches Arkansas Firefighters Saving Choking Infant Security system catches life-saving moment.
The Searcy Central Fire Station has released dramatic surveillance footage of firefighters using immediate life-saving tactics to save a woman's baby who wasn't breathing.
Crime Busters: Register Your Security Camera With Palos Park PD Help your local police department solve crimes with an upgraded security system.
Help Palos Park police solve future crimes by registering your home or business security camera in the confidential 'Block Watch' program.
It is so easy to slow things down and enjoy catching the details. No animals were hurt, this deer is just in its natural state and ran away because a group of turkeys that were coming down the trail. Enjoy
920-764-2888 is the number to call if you want us to set up wildlife viewing for you. Eagle Tech 🦅 keeping an eye on your assets
Why Schools Need Better Security Systems :: school-security
Regardless of what campus a student attends, they deserve to have high-quality security systems to keep them safe. The children spend many years together...
Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post Understanding infrared night vision. The most common type of night vision that you'll find in popular outdoor security cameras such as Eagle Tech cameras is infrared or IR. This technology is very clever, as it floods an area with invisible ...
Half speed, that’s a nice right hook she’s got.
Having a little fun watching the wildlife.
No surveillance video of officer-involved shooting at jail Make sure you're using an upgraded security camera that is able to record live footage. Contact us today for all your security needs.
Long before last week's shooting, a new surveillance system was scheduled for installation at the Brown County ...
How LED Lighting Can Help Improve Campus Security - Campus Safety Magazine LED lighting can improve the performance of Campus Security Cameras.
LED lighting can improve the performance of campus security cameras and cut installation costs.
How Many Security Cameras Do You Need for Your Home or Business? :: Security Design
If the thought of home security has crossed your mind, then you probably also had a plethora of questions about home security go through your mind as...
Surveillance video reportedly shows missing Austin man behaving strangely before disappearance Austin, TX bar's security footage shows man moments before he disappeared.
A manager at The Alibi on Rainey Street showed Mitchell Gutierrez video Friday that showed his brother, 25-year-old Martin Gutierrez, behaving strangely both inside and outside the bar the ...
New surveillance video released in search for missing teen Investigators call on citizens with surveillance systems for assistance in their search for missing teen.
The FBI has now joined the search for Hania Aguilar, 13, who was last seen outside her home in Lumberton, North Carolina, waiting to be ...
Look at the size of his neck! The Rut is starting. Wildlife viewing
Security cameras grow in popularity heading into the holiday season Don't let a Grinch ruin your Holiday. Safeguard your home and business with a security system from Eagle Tech Corp.
 With the holidays around right around the corner complaints about packages being stolen have already been reported.
Making sure your surveillance system would catch crooks this holiday “If you have a good camera It’s all about positions."

Let our experts set up your system in optimum locations.
If you have home surveillance cameras you may feel your property is protected, but law enforcement says to make sure ...
Dayton board to vote today on $3.3M school security cameras, work on new HQ Has your school upgraded its security system?

Contact us today.
A $3.3 million dollar contract would dramatically upgrade camera systems in all Dayton schools.
Proud to be a BBB A+ accredited business
Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post You never know where you might need surveillance, but we will figure it out. 920-764-2888
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Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post Having some fun on an off the wall design for a hoodie, was thinking of a set of the eyes with Eagle Tech below it and on the back more eyes and a scroll of keeping an eye on your ...
Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post 24/7/365 live viewing of your wildlife with no monthly fee’s and a three year warranty on the surveillance equipment. Call Eagle Tech 920-764-2888. From 1 to 1,000 camera,s. Eagle Tech “keeping an eye on your assets”.
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Serving Northeast Wisconsin

From our showroom on Velp Avenue in Howard, we serve residential and commercial customers within a 100-mile radius of Green Bay, including those who live and work in the Fox Cities, the Lakeshore, and Wisconsin’s Northwoods. Call or email us to schedule a free site assessment. We’ll visit your home or business to evaluate your security needs.

Hands-on demos at our showroom

We also invite you to visit our showroom at 3816 Velp Avenue, Green Bay, for a hands-on demonstration of monitoring cameras and video surveillance systems. We let you drive it before you buy it.

  • See and touch the security cameras
  • Veiw the streaming, real-time video
  • Test out the remote viewing option available through a free app on a smart phone
  • Experiment with the video playback features
  • Learn about wiring and installation techniques

We’ll be happy to recommend solutions for your security and surveillance needs and explain how everything works. You’ll leave our showroom with the confidence of knowing that your home, business, vacation cottage, rental property, etc. are well monitored.

No monthly fees

While other companies charge a monthly fee for surveillance products, Eagle Tech takes a better, and more affordable, approach. With Eagle Tech, you pay only once and you own your surveillance products, backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty. The surveillance system is yours, so if you decide to move to a new home or business location, you can take the security cameras and video surveillance equipment with you.

Contact us today

Call us today at 855-232-3540 to learn more about the affordable options, like the $799 basic 4 camera install, for your home or business.

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3816 Velp Ave, Suite 3
Green Bay, WI 54313

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