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Why Schools Need Better Security Systems :: school-security
Regardless of what campus a student attends, they deserve to have high-quality security systems to keep them safe. The children spend many years together...
Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post Understanding infrared night vision. The most common type of night vision that you'll find in popular outdoor security cameras such as Eagle Tech cameras is infrared or IR. This technology is very clever, as it floods an area with invisible ...
Even Small Town Restaurants Can Benefit From A Surveillance System When you live in a small town, you probably know a big percentage of the other locals.  Maybe they’re your neighbors, maybe they’re regular customers, or maybe they’re the friends you hang out with after work.  Small...
Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post Finally some blue sky back ground. Hope your enjoying the summer.
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Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post 6 mega pixel, 270’ night vision, 97 degree field of view, it don’t get any better than that! Now does it.!!
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The Peace Of Mind That Comes From Security Cameras At Home By now, just about everyone in Green Bay, WI is used to the idea of seeing security cameras whenever they venture out in public. From sports arenas to government buildings, department stores to gas stations, it seems as though everything ...
Why Grocery Stores Need Security Camera Systems Different types of Green Bay businesses can benefit from getting security camera systems. However, perhaps two of the places that can profit the most are grocery and convenience stores. These establishments are vital for providing residents with...
Use the Power of Technology to Protect Your Home and Family Technology has changed the face of home protection in Green Bay WI forever. Thanks to advances in wireless technology, a homeowners can keep a watchful eye on their homes from virtually anywhere. They can even lock the doors if their ...
Proud to be a BBB A+ accredited business
Why Schools Need Better Security Systems Regardless of what campus a student attends, they deserve to have high-quality security systems to keep them safe. The children spend many years together getting acquainted and building relationships while often becoming best friends forever....
How Many Security Cameras Do You Need for Your Home or Business? :: Security Design
If the thought of home security has crossed your mind, then you probably also had a plethora of questions about home security go through your mind as...
920-764-2888 is the number to call if you want us to set up wildlife viewing for you. Eagle Tech 🦅 keeping an eye on your assets
5 Basic Network Security Tips for Small Businesses Even if you believe you are at low-risk for cyber attacks, your business in Green Bay, WI does always face a threat of being broken into. As a matter of fact, nearly 45% of attacks are geared to small businesses ...
Why Small Towns Need Security Cameras If you are a homeowner or business owner in Green Bay, WI  there’s a good chance that you feel secure. In a small town, everyone tends to trust one another. But, just because residents in your town trust one another ...
It is so easy to slow things down and enjoy catching the details. No animals were hurt, this deer is just in its natural state and ran away because a group of turkeys that were coming down the trail. Enjoy
Is It Worth Trading Privacy For Security? There is no doubt that security cameras can be useful tools when it comes to preventing crimes in Green Bay, WI or catching guilty individuals after-the-fact. Unfortunately, a security system is not without some potential issues and drawbacks. First...
Why Grocery Stores Need Security Camera Systems :: business-security
Different types of Green Bay businesses can benefit from getting security camera systems. However, perhaps two of the places that can profit the most are...
Something good to think about while watching the Pack struggle in Detroit. Always hope !
Surveillance cameras are excellent for wildlife viewing.
Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post 24/7/365 live viewing of your wildlife with no monthly fee’s and a three year warranty on the surveillance equipment. Call Eagle Tech 920-764-2888. From 1 to 1,000 camera,s. Eagle Tech “keeping an eye on your assets”.
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Almost looks like R2D2, short week-let's make it great!
We got you covered by every angle, while "Keeping an eye on your Assets" Call for a free site assessment 920-764-2888 or email
Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post The install team at Eagle Tech Corp has never been busier “keeping an eye on your assets” bring on the heat !
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Eagle Tech Corp We had a request to share this from almost 2 years ago, don’t be a day late on getting your professional grade IP surveillance system installed.
This falls under the "you don't see that everyday" category. Driving up to this ...
Lindenhurst looks to deter crimes with new surveillance cameras Create a safe, walkable, area for families with a security camera system.
Lindenhurst is looking to crack down on crime by installing new surveillance cameras in public spaces.
The Best Places To Put A Security Camera Even the best security camera system in the world will not be of any use whatsoever if the cameras are not installed in the proper place. Proper placement is so important, in fact, that it is something that an individual ...
How Security Cameras Can Help Prevent Bullying In Schools Unfortunately, bullying is an epidemic across the country. According to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children, approximately 160,000 children skip school every day out of fear of being bullied. Additionally, said...
Photos from Eagle Tech Corp's post NETWORK CABLING SERVICES
Do you have an IT room that looks like the picture on the right?
If so why not give us a call, we want your room to look like the picture on the left. Call 920-764-2888
Eagle ...

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Serving Northeast Wisconsin

From our showroom on Velp Avenue in Howard, we serve residential and commercial customers within a 100-mile radius of Green Bay, including those who live and work in the Fox Cities, the Lakeshore, and Wisconsin’s Northwoods. Call or email us to schedule a free site assessment. We’ll visit your home or business to evaluate your security needs.

Hands-on demos at our showroom

We also invite you to visit our showroom at 3816 Velp Avenue, Green Bay, for a hands-on demonstration of monitoring cameras and video surveillance systems. We let you drive it before you buy it.

  • See and touch the security cameras
  • Veiw the streaming, real-time video
  • Test out the remote viewing option available through a free app on a smart phone
  • Experiment with the video playback features
  • Learn about wiring and installation techniques

We’ll be happy to recommend solutions for your security and surveillance needs and explain how everything works. You’ll leave our showroom with the confidence of knowing that your home, business, vacation cottage, rental property, etc. are well monitored.

No monthly fees

While other companies charge a monthly fee for surveillance products, Eagle Tech takes a better, and more affordable, approach. With Eagle Tech, you pay only once and you own your surveillance products, backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty. The surveillance system is yours, so if you decide to move to a new home or business location, you can take the security cameras and video surveillance equipment with you.

Contact us today

Call us today at 855-232-3540 to learn more about the affordable options, like the $799 basic 4 camera install, for your home or business.

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3816 Velp Ave, Suite 3
Green Bay, WI 54313

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